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A directory of podcast programs created for or by St. Louisans.
Podcast Directory Page 

The following is a directory of podprograms produced by or for St. Louisans. If you have a podcast that you would like listed in our directory please contact us at Also if you or your organization would
like to produce a podcast program, contact Duncan Media Services for special podcasting rates. Duncan Media Services has a complete recording studio designed for web and broadcast audio. If your business or organization would like to advertise on our site or in our programs contact

As we get more podprograms in our directory we will create categories.
Until then we just have them listed here.

To subscribe to the podcast,Just highlight the XML line ( blue Text) and copy it. Then paste into your ipodder software, itunes , or other aggregator software.

Words On My Tongue

MayorSlay Podcast NBC-St. Louis Podcast

Contemporary Art Museum

Bubba Bohacks "Joke of the day"

Bubba Bohacks "Back Page News"

Bubba Bohacks "Fun Show"

Brett Rosen's head thumping talk radio

The Ponder Place

Paul Harris
Portions of The Paul Harris Show, as heard on KMOX

Mega Rock Radio

Where Is This Going

Static Radio
Static Radio Recycled

Pastor Dan's Podcast (Full Life Community Church)

Issues, Etc., Theological Talk
Weekend Broadcast, Hour 1

Weekend Broadcast, Hour 2
Weekday Broadcast, Hour 1
Weekday Broadcast, Hour 2
Weekday Broadcast, Hour 3

The Bible Study, Theological Talk
Weekday Broadcast

Law and Gospel, Theological Talk
Weekday Broadcast

Wrestling With the Basics, Humorous Bible Study
Weekly Broadcast

The Meyer Minute, Christian Commentary
Weekday Commentary

Front Porch Parenting, Christian Parenting
Weekday Parenting Tips

Portals of Prayer
Daily Devotional

By the Way
Daily Devotional

Today's Verse from God's Word
Daily Scripture Reading

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